Ayia Napa is located in the heart of Europe – Cyprus. In many years Ayia Napa were no place to go for people who were looking for late nights with nachspiel, drunken people and wild night life. But things changed in the late 90’s.

Ayia Napa is, with 400 bars and night clubs, the party capital of Europe. And today it’s growing every year. More and more tourism make Agia Napa’s streets fild with people from early May to late August every year. New hotels and bars are being build every year.

Did you know that;

— there are clubs and bars for Scandinavians, Norwegians and Englishmen

— is often called the “party capital” of Europe

— Many Americans are traveling the long way to be a part of Agia Napa’s wild night life

— There are over 100 hotels located in the “bar streets”

— There are mostly boys coming to this party capital

The Cypriot police have tried to keep a lid on things and are keen to stress that the resort is a family-friendly and respectable place. But it’s not easy while the youngsters are keeping the volume up at night (and early morning). I would say that many people are coming to Cyprus for fighting, but there is not a big problem.

I will deeply recommend Ayia Napa, Cyprus for one of the “World’s best party places” this week. And for those of you who wants a quiet and sleepy holiday; keep away. You’ll find much better places to visit if you want a quiet and peaceful holiday.


Source by Amund Kongen

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