Cyprus is one of the great jewels of the Mediterranean. With its wonderful climate and beautiful beach resorts, it’s no wonder that the island lures so many tourists from overseas. The resort town of Paphos is particularly impressive.

A visit to Cyprus differs considerably from many other beach holidays that I have taken. This much becomes clear within a couple of hours of setting foot on Cypriot soil. Though I had been aware of some of the recent history of this divided island, it’s the presence of ancient history that is so stunning.

The town of Paphos is a UNESCO World Heritage site, having attained such status largely thanks to the ancient ruins that are dotted around the town and the surrounding areas. Once the Roman capital of this province, many have left their mark on the town including, almost inevitably, the Greeks.

The holiday brochures tend to show pictures of modern tourist facilities. I guess that’s because many of us are looking for a relaxing place to stay. We want to be within walking distance of the beach and to be able to relax by the swimming pool, should we choose to.

Simply being able to forget about work and enjoying the improved climate are the main aims for many of us. Those were suddenly major reasons for my choosing to come to Paphos and stay in one of its impressive hotels.

On arrival, being surrounded by so much history, I couldn’t help but feel that I was ill prepared. I wish this had been made much clearer in the brochure. I find myself cursing that I had not spent more time preparing for the trip. I’d assumed that my visit to Cyprus would be yet another beach holiday.

Now that I’d got here, it was clear that Paphos had much, much more to offer. This was a place where I could enjoy the modern facilities and yet find glorious cultural experiences. There is no doubt that this is a place worth visiting for a beach holiday, but make sure that you allow extra time to discover the charms of Paphos.


Source by Keith Barrett

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