Srilanka, the most scenic islands in the world, have been alluring to visitors from ages. It is a land blessed with natural resources and is one of the most sought after destinations. Sri Lanka map, forming a tear drop shape, is located in the Indian Ocean at the tip of Indian peninsular mainland. It is counted in the list of colorful countries that welcome its visitors and offer them many opportunities to explore the hidden treasures of this island. Though famous for beach holidays, but the country has many place of interest for tourists. Spectacular scenery, rich culture and historic temples all gives a different experience and taste to the visitors.

The scenic sights of this beautiful island are really worth exploring. Most of the Sri Lankan area enjoys a pleasant climate with temperature around 27°C. Days are generally bright, warm and sunny and humid in monsoon. Some upper areas have low temperature. Not only dies the pleasing climate welcomes visitor, but there are several other opportunities such as colonial cities, tea plantation and historical traditional villages that equally are responsible for inviting tourists and gives a unique feel to the Sri Lankan cities. Some of the cities enjoy historical importance, while some are pilgrimage centers and some known for their beauty. The required assistance regarding cities and their fame can be gathered from tourists map, available in travel guides.

Colombo, the main city or the capital city, is the commercial center of the country. Being located on the southwestern coast of the country, it acts as a starting point for tourists. It is also the busiest and the biggest port of the country. Few of the common attractions for the tourists’ places in the city are temples, old parliament building, museums and churches. It is an attractive and colorful city, providing country’s rich and varied culture.

In addition, Srilanka has wide network of hotels ranging from cheap budget hotels to star luxury hotels to suit the taste and budget of every traveler. To have knowledge of these hotels, one should browse the hotel map of Sri Lanka as it directly provides an idea regarding various type of accommodation along with their features and facilities provided. There are international hotels, guesthouses, and service apartments. The extensive dining places and variety of cuisines are served in many of these hotels with many entertainment options. The island welcomes you for your memorable trip to collect a worthy experience on the screen of your mind.


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